Yale School of Management

Yale University #

Year Founded: 1976

Average GMAT: 721

City: New Haven

State: Connecticut

Country: United States

About #

At the Yale School of Management, students learn how to make a real different in the world. World-renowned faculty educate future leaders in all areas of business and society. Students at SOM wish to address problems facing our world head on. Because of this, the community at Yale offer students the resources and networks needed for students to make a positive and ambitious change. Yale SOM offer full-time MBA degrees and executive MBAs. Those wishing to pursue higher level of education can obtain a PhD-level of study in management fields. The campus at the SOM is up to date and innovative. in 2014, the Edward P. Evans Hall opened and offer students and faculty state-of-the-art meeting and classrooms all in a moder design setting. At SOM a diverse array of students, faculty and alumni are networked and conntected so that they may work together to build communities and develop leaders meant to change the world. He has been the recipient of numerous teaching awards and has served as interim dean at the Harris School. 

Featured Professors #

Kerwin K. Charles

Professor Charles is the Indra K. Noonyi Dean and Frederic D. Wolfe Professor of Economics, Policy, and Management at SOM. He has published numerous writings on earnings and wealth inequality, conspicuous consumption, race and gender labor market discrimination and more. He is currently the Vice President of the American Economics Association, as well as the Vice Chair at NORC at the University of Chicago.

William N. Goetzmann

Professor Goetzmann is currently the Edwin J. Beinecke Professor of Finance and Management Studies & Director of the International Center for Finance. His research interests include stock market predictability, hedge funds and survival biases in performance measurement. At the moment he is conducting research in alternative investing, factor investing, behavioral finance, and the art market. He has published numerous books including and currently teaches management, alternative investments, real estate and finance history at SOM. 

Rankings #

#4 Financial Time 2021 Global MBA Ranking

#9 USNews – Best Business Schools

#17 QS Global MBA Rankings 2021

MBA Program Brief Overview #

The full-time MBA program at the Yale SOM is meant for ambitious students wanting to make a real difference. This means students who are willing to look beyond business in order to achieve goals and build skills so that they can contribute to their communities both large and small. With opportunities such as Global Study, Leadership and Teams, and Raw Classes, students develop the skills necessary to excel n the professional realm of business. The full-time MBA program is two years in length and is split up into four semesters total. At the end of their time at the Yale SOM, MBA graduates will be able to organize the challenges and opportunities they are confronted with in multiple perspectives so that they can see the overall picture. 

Year One Description #

Year one classes are structured so that incoming students have a better understanding of the overall organization. Skills are then developed so that students are able to ask the necessary questions concerning businesses’ impact on society. 

Fall Semester Mandatory Classes

Orientation to Management: This is a series of classes meant to establish the building block of management. In these classes, students learn the skills and language necessary to success in a career in business and management. 

Organizational Perspective (both Fall and Spring): These courses give students a broader understanding of the real operations of organizations and their functions. Students learn the traditional disciplines of business schools while teaching them how to excel in the classroom and the real world. 

Spring Semester Mandatory Classes

Electives in any Yale classroom

Global Study and Travel

Year Two Description #

During the second year that the Yale SOM students can dig deeper into all that Yale has to offer. Students can take electives across disciplines in order to broaden their perspectives on their various fields. 

GMAT/GRE Stats #

Class of: 2022

Average GMAT: 720 (Median)

Total GMAT Range: 680-760 (middle 80%)

% of class GRE: 35%

Verbal Range GRE: 159-170 (middle 80%)

Quant Range GRE: 158-170 (middle 80%)

Median Verbal GRE: 164

Median Quant GRE: 164

Unique Aspects #

Global Study

The Yale SOM has a global studies requirement for all students. This is to develop knowledge of global legal, political, social and cultural environments. In order to graduate, students must participate in one of the following global study experiences: 

International Experience-A case study where students can develop leadership skills while gaining knowledge on business environments and their many complexities. This class begins in the classroom before culminating in a 10-day trip to business capitals and visits to companies and political leaders. 

Global Network Weeks-Students have an opportunity to participate in an intensive course of a certain interest or specialization and travel to one of 30 universities within the Global Network for Advanced Management.  

Global Network Courses-These are virtual courses where students can work together on teams to complete projects while developing skills in multicultural and cross-time-zone collaboration. 

Global Social Entrepreneurship Courses-Students can participate in 2 global social entrepreneurship courses where they can travel aborad for entrepreneurial consulting experience. 

Exchange Programs- Students can spend a semester or a quarter studying and living overseas at top international business schools. 


Leadership & Teams – Leadership is the main theme at Yale SOM. Because of this, the SOM has integrated core courses necessary for developing the leadership skills of their students. These skills are developed across 4 various levels:

  1. Individual – skills, knowledge, and expertise meant to understand students’ individual interests in industry and organization while utilizing their personal strengths, weaknesses and values. 
  2. Team – during their time at Yale SOM, students form and lead teams so that they will be able to take on challenges in a collaborative environment3
  3. Organization – Visualizing the organization as a whole is vital for leaders to engage with and thrive in various business and marketing industries4
  4. Global and Society – Climate Change, Financial Stability and inequality are all challenges the world is facing. To solve these issues, thinking and action is required by leaders willing and able to take on the task. 

Student Life #

Building lifelong knowledge, skills, and networks is integral to the Yale SOM experience. No idea is too big at Yale SOM. Students can participate in student-led conferences with global leaders in business, work together as teams in competitions while building connections and professional skills. students can also participate in clubs which prepare them for recruiting processes and interviews. 

Applicant Requirements #

Applicants should provide the admissions committee with overview of their background and experiences. Interested applicants should register for Yale SOM’s Applications Tips Panel and follow the admissions committee’s blog to get a better grasp of the application cycle. 


Applicants’ academic record from undergraduate, graduate and other degree-credit coursework needs to be submitted. GPA needs to be reported as listed on the transcript. Unofficial transcripts may be uploaded by applicants during application, however, once an offer of submission has been offered, an official transcript must be supplied. 


Both the GMAT and GRE are accepted for the admissions process. Scores are best to be submitted before the application is submitted. While the scores are necessary for a complete application, all aspects of the application are considered when the admissions committee makes a decision. 

Essay Description

There is only one essay questions for the application procedure. The admissions committee wants to understand the applicants ability to commit and follow through with decision made. The admissions committee wants to understand the applicants’ approach to commitment. In addition to explaining ‘why’ the applicant has chosen a commitment, the admissions commite also needs to understand how the behaviour of the applicant is conducive to undertaking commitments. 

Essay Question 1

‘Describe the biggest commitment you have ever made.’


Interviews are conducted by invite only. Interviews take place on campus and are 30 minutes in length. They are conducted by a second year student. To applicants who cannot come to campus, a virtual interview is possible. . 

Traits to Emphasize Core Values #

  • Leadership 
  • Curiosity
  • Intellectual Capabilities

Other #

Behavioral Assessment: The admissions committee underscores applicants who are broadminded, intellectual, and curious who come from a diverse background. The Behavioral Assessment is designed to measure students capabilities beyond their academic values. It is 20 minutes in length and is a forced-choice module. It is not meant to be prepared for. 

Video Questions: These questions are not a substitute to the interview. After the questions are given, applicants have 20 seconds to consider how best to respond. The answers cannot be longer than 60 seconds in length. A third question allows for 30 seconds to consider the answer to and a total of 90 seconds to respond. 

Total Costs: $104,752

Tuition: $74,500

Books and Supplies: $1,000

Health Insurance: $2,698

Room and Board: $24,284

Fees: $2,270

Employment Reports #

Class of: 2019

Received an Offer: 92.40%

Accepted an Offer: 91.40%

Median Salary: $ 130,000

Median Signing Bonus: $30,000

Other Guaranteed Compensation: $20,000 (Median Guaranteed Year-End-Bonus)

Top Industry Destinations #

  • Consulting Services (37.2%)
  • Finance (24.1%)
  • Technology (12.8%)
  • Retail (5.5%)
  • Health/Pharmaceuticals (5.1%)
  • Consumer Packaged Goods (2.6%)
  • Nonprofit (2.6%)
  • Media/Entertainment (2.2%)
  • Manufacturing (1.8%)
  • Law (1.8%)
  • Energy (1.5%)
  • Real Estate (1.5%)
  • Transportation (1.1%)
  • Architecture (0.4%)

Top Function Destinations #

  • Consulting (48.9%)
  • Finance/Accounting (21.9%)
  • General Management (11.3%)
  • Marketing Sales (10.6%)
  • Operations/Logistics (2.2%)
  • Law (1.8%)
  • Other (2.2%)
  • IT (1.1%)

Location Destinations #

  • U.S. (19.9%)
  • International (20.1%)

Class Profile #

Class of: 2022

Program Length: 2 years

Total Enrollment: 350

Women: 39%

US minorities: 44%

International students: 40%

Undergraduate Degrees: #

  • Humanities and Social Sciences (29.4%)
  • Business (22.3%)
  • STEM (28.6%)
  • Economics (19.7%)
  • Average GPA: 3.65
  • Average Work Experience: 4.5 Years

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