Warwick Business School

Warwick University #

City: Coventry

Country: England

Year Founded: 1967

Average GMAT Score: 661

About #

Warwick Business School welcomes Change Makers who wish to make a positive impact in the business world and beyond. Faculty at Warwick push students to think critically and embrace their intellectual capacity. Warwick brings together people from all around the world to share their drive and motivation. Warwick works closely with policy-makers, healthcare professionals, and disability rights charities to ensure strong cooperation and cross-sector connections. Students at Warwick begin their studies ready and willing to engage with a diverse group of people, share voices, and challenge their thinking. Warwick aims to be Europe’s leading University-based business school and their vision is driven by their mission statement which combines ‘development of cutting-edge research’, ‘providing a transformational learning experience’ and ‘working in partnership with policy and practice’.

Featured Professors #

James Hayton

Professor Hayton is a professor of Applied and Organizational Psychology Research Network, WBS Executive Office, Entrepreneurship and Innovation. His research interests include human resource management fostering entrepreneurship and strategic renewal. He is well published, with his work appearing in the Journal of Business Venturing and is the co-author of numerous books. He teaches both Full time and Executive MBA courses.

Ana Galvao

Professor Galvao is the professor of economic Modelling and Forecasting. Her research interests include empirical macroeconomics, forecasting and nonlinear time series models. Her publications have appeared in the Journal of Econometrics and the Journal of Business and Economics Statistics. She teaches courses to postgraduate students in business forecasting and quantitative methods .

Rankings #

Financial Time 2021 Global MBA Ranking #32

QS Global MBA Rankings 2021 #34

MBA Program Overview #

Warwick’s full-time MBA program has been ranked #1 in the UK and #17 in the world by the Economist. The Full-time MBA is 12 months in length meaning it is fast paced, captivating and in-depth. Utilizing Case studies as a method of teaching, students participate in lectures, seminars, groups exercises and projects. Warwick’s reputation of innovation is found in the MBA program’s research and teaching methods as they impact the areas of Big Data and Behavioural Science. Students attend workshops designed to grow their professional skills. In addition, MBAers have access to valuable one-on-one coaching so that they are learning and growing in a supportive environment.

Year 1 Description #

The beginning of the program starts off with an Intensive Bootcamp where students learn skills to thrive during their MBA year. The Year is broken up into 3 terms, Autumn, Spring and Summer. A mix of required and elective courses offer flexibility while maintaining proper instruction. Students can extend their studies overseas through Warwick’s PIM program.

Fall Semester Mandatory Classes

  • Accounting and Financial Management
  • Innovation and Creativity in Organizations
  • LeadershipPlus
  • Managing in a New World
  • Marketing
  • Operations Management
  • Organizational Behaviour
  • Strategic Thinking

Unique Aspects #

Specialist Modules

By choosing a specialism, students focus 50% of their MBA on entrepreneurship. With 8 required modules, with 2 of the 4 elective modules within the field of entrepreneurship. At the end of the year, students opting for this specialization undergo a consultancy project where they dive deeply into a new business idea or solve an existing problem through their own venture. The networking opportunities through this specialization are offered where students attend networking events to meet potential partners, entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and business angels.

Student Life #

Students at Warwick will not only receive support from faculty but also from fellow students and the broader alumni community as a whole. Warwick university is located in Coventry, England in the north west of England. The beautiful countryside offers students a quaint lifestyle while the beautiful campus combines state of the art buildings with tranquil and historic architecture.

Application Requirements #

3 years of professional experience


Must have upper second class honours from undergrad.

GMAT/GRE Information

GMAT or GRE accepted

Foreign Language Requirements

An english language exam must be taken by an individual who is not a native english language speaker or who has not been studying at an english language institution.


​​Two professional references are required.

Traits to Emphasize Core Values #

  • Strong interpersonal communication skills
  • Motivation
  • Creativity
  • Maturity
  • Drive
  • Leadership

Tuition: £43,950

Class Profile of 2020-2021 #

Program Length: 12 months

Average Age: 32

Women: 40% 

Countries represented: 33

Previous Work Locations/Fields #

  • Consulting 12%
  • Finance/Accounting 10.5%
  • General Management 22.5%
  • Human Resources 4%
  • IT 6%
  • Marketing/Sales 22.5%
  • Operations/Logistics 9%
  • Other 13.5%

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