Tepper School of Business (Carnegie Mellon)

Carnegie Mellon #

City: Pittsburgh 

State: Pennsylvania

Country: United States of America

About #

Carnegie Mellon’s Tepper School of Business was founded in 1949 and combines the sectors of business, technology and analytics. Tepper students strive to achieve their goals through innovative ideas, creative solutions and new approaches. Tepper School differentiates itself from other business schools through its collaborative campus, STEM-designed MBA program, the pioneering of analytics, its intellectual capital, entrepreneurship and personalized leadership development. Students at Tepper are creative and innovative, who seek to discover solutions to problems and have a lasting positive impact. With 9 Nobel Laureates in their faculty, and a 1:13 Faculty to Student Ratio, it’s no wonder that Tepper is consistently ranked within the top 20 business schools. 

MBA Program Overview #

The MBA program at Tepper is STEM-Designated. Meaning, students are exposed to analytical, data-driven curriculum with emphasis on management science. This unique approach prepares Tepper students to become leaders in the areas of business, technology and analytics. The MBA community emphasises teamwork in order to foster collaboration, innovation and define new frontiers of business and beyond. 

Year One Description #

The MBA program at Tepper is 2 years in length. With the first year beginning with a Basecamp orientation program where students learn how to manage teams and undergo a leadership assessment. The first year is also composed of two Corporate Networking Club Treks where students can expand their network and build future professional relationships. Students also participate in a Leadership Assessment Debrief with a Leadership Coach and prepare for a summer internship. 

Fall Mandatory Classes

  • Probability and Stats
  • Management Presentations
  • Financial and Managerial Accounting I
  • Corporate Strategy
  • Managerial Economics
  • Optimization 
  • Marketing Management
  • Finance
  • Operations Management

Spring Mandatory Classes:

  • Statistical Decision Making
  • Leadership Communication
  • Financial and Managerial Accounting II
  • Managing Networks and Organizations
  • Global Economics

Year Two Description #

During year two students are exposed to more elective courses where they can fine tune their course load to better suit their interests and needs. A required Ethics and Leadership Course also takes place during year two as well as a capstone project and a cultural trip during Spring Break. 

Unique Aspects #

Tepper Quad

 The Tepper Quat at Tepper is where Business, Technology and Analytics intersect, In the Tepper Quad is the innovation hub, where seven campus colleges combine to collaborate and network. At the Tepper Quad students are able to learn from management researchers and professors while working alongside motivated young adults with passions in entrepreneurship, architectural design, robotis, and other creative ventures.

Degree Combinations

MBA students can combine their program with either another degree or embark on a specific track in order to take a deeper dive into their interests and passions. Dual degree programs at Tepper include:

  • MBA/Engineering
  • MBA/Healthcare Policy
  • MBA/JD with the University of Pitt.
  • MBA/Public Policy
  • MBA/Software Engineering
  • Screen reader support enabled

Student Life #

Students at Tepper study at the beautiful Carnegie Mellon campus located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. With state of the art facilities for studying and networking, students have the opportunity to join clubs and participate in leadership experiences, such as the graduate business association. 

Featured Professors #

Sean Ammirati 

Professor Ammirati is the Distinguished Service Professor of Entrepreneurship at Tepper. He is the Co-founder of the Carnegie Mellon Corporate Startup Lab. He worked professionally for 12 years founding, building, and selling in the software and media industries as well as being Chief Operating Officer of ReadWriteWeb. He also hosts the podcast Agile Giants. He received his BS from Grove City College in Computer Information Systems. 

Sridhar R. Tayur

Professor Tayur is the Ford Distinguished Research Chair, and Professor of Operations Management. His research interests range from Quantum computing to Social Enterprises and Responsible Research. He is well published, with his work appearing in numerous Journals including the Journal of Manufacturing and Service Operations Management. He received his PhD from Cornell and his BTech from IIt Madras in Mechanical Engineering. 

Costs #

  • Tuition: $70,000
  • Books and Supplies: $725 (per semester)
  • Health Insurance: $3,021
  • Room and Board: $8,972
  • Extra Expenses: $1,734 (Per semester) 
  • Fees: $829

Application Process #


Unofficial transcripts may be submitted. Official transcripts are required one an official offer has been extended. 


Accepts GMAT GRE or EA.

Foreign Language Requirements

An english language exam must be taken by an individual who is not a native english language speaker or who has not been studying at an english language institution.

Essay Description

There is one required essay for regular applicants. However, current college seniors are required to submit different essay responses. 

Essay Question 1

The Tepper community is dynamic and unique. Each community member’s individual journey has shaped them into classmates who are collaborative, supportive, and inclusive. Describe how you have overcome adversity during your journey. What did you learn about yourself and how has that shaped who you are? (Maximum 350-500 words.)

Core Traits to Emphasize:

  • Leadership
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity
  • Motivation


One recommendation is required as part of the process. A recommender should be an individual who has experience with the individual in a professional setting and can speak to their strengths.


Is required and must fall within the following specifications. 

  • Must be written in 12 point font (Times New Roman, Arial)
  • 1-2 pages in length
  • List professional and academic history. 


During the interview the admissions committee uses a behavioural interview technique in order to ascertain success at Tepper. The admissions committee is interested in learning about the candidate’s skills and perspectives in the following areas: Teamwork, Leadership, Success and failure. 

Fee: $200

Class of 2022 Profile #

  • Total Enrollment: 147
  • Average GMAT: 680 / 626-730 (middle 80%)
  • Women: 25%
  • U.S. Minorities: 48%
  • International: 28%
  • Countries Represented: 17

Undergraduate Degrees

  • Engineering (31%)
  • Business (21%)
  • Economics (11%)
  • Mathematics/Physical Science (11%)
  • Arts/Humanities (8%)
  • Social Sciences (4%)
  • Other (14%)

Average GPA: 3.32

Previous Work Locations/Fields 

  • 16%    Financial Services 
  • 16%    Technology and New Media 
  • 16%    Consulting 
  • 10%    Manufacturing
  • 7%      Government
  • 7%      Health Care 
  • 6%      Energy and Clean Tech
  • 4%      Consumer Products
  • 4%      Consumer Goods and Retail 
  • 18%    Other

Employment Report: Class of 2020 #

  • Received an Offer: 89% three months post-graduation
  • Median Salary: $136,000

Top Industry Destinations

  • 33%      Consulting
  • 31.5%   Technology 
  • 13%      Financial Services
  • 7.5%     Manufacturing
  • 7%        Biotech/Health/Pharmaceuticals
  • 3%        Energy/Petroleum/Utilities
  • 1%        Consumer Products
  • 1%        Media/entertainment
  • .5%       Real Estate
  • 2.5%     Other 

Top Function Destinations

  • 34.5%      Consulting
  • 23%         Marketing
  • 21%         Finance
  • 13%         General Management 
  • 6%           Operations
  • 2.5%        Technology

Location Destinations

  • 28%       West 
  • 27%       Northeast 
  • 16%       Mid-Atlantic
  • 13%       Midwest  
  • 6%         Southwest
  • 2.5%      South
  • 7.5% employed outside the U.S.

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