MBA Tuition Costs

When looking at attending business school, the one thing that strikes potential applicants the most are the costs. From tuition to books to boarding, the cost of attending a premier MBA program can often reach into the six figures! This is where it is necessary to keep in mind the Return on Investment, or ROI. Graduate from a top 50 MBA program, and you are looking at a starting salary of around $110,000! As much as a six-figure salary sounds enticing, it is important to keep in mind that you must invest in order to see any bright returns. Investing in your education, whether it’s attending a top B-school or hiring a private tutoring firm to get you to the upper 700s GMAT score needed for admissions, is a necessary part of the whole process. Fail to invest, and you won’t see the return you were hoping for. 

We have compiled the tuition costs and total costs of the top 50 MBA programs around the world. The total costs of school can include a whole host of added price tags, including books, mandatory healthcare coverage, and even student union fees.

B School NameTotal CostsTuition
Harvard Business School$111,818$73,440
Columbia Business School$117,633$77,376
Stanford Graduate School of Business$119,964$74,706
Wharton School of Business$115,432$81,230 (Tuition and Fees (Does not Include $2000 Pre-Term Fee)
Booth School of Business$110,328$73,440
MIT Sloan School of Management120846$77,168
HAAS School of BusinessCA Resident - $102,150 Non-Resident- $106,348CA Resident: $64,246 Non-Resident-$68,444
Yale School of Management$104,752$74,500
NYU Stern School of Business$119,251$76,780
Tuck School of Business$113,310$77,520
Fuqua School of Business$67,741$70,000
SC Johnson College of Business$99,760 (Per year for 2-year MBA)$71,940
Anderson School of Management$104,954$65,124
London School of Business and Finance£92,735
HEC Paris$23,550
IESE Business School$89,950$85,084
NUS Business SchoolS$29,425 (Per Semester)
Darden School of BusinessVA Resident - $97,272, non-VA Resident - $100,272, International - $101,356$69,900
Judge Business School£59,000
HKUST Business School$105,400$75,300
Saïd Business School£63000
Esade Business School$72,000 (incl. Course Materials)
IMD Business SchoolCHF 95,000
Bocconi School of Management$59,000 (Payable in 4 Installments)
Ross School of BusinessMI Resident-
non-MI Resident-
McDonough School of Business$95,047$60,894
Tepper School of Business$70,000
School of Management Fudan University$34,100 (Incl. Tuition, books, and more)
Warrington College of BusinessResident: $26,473 Non Resident: $61,260
Marshall Business School$95,696 (1st year) $90,918 (2nd year)$64,575
Kelley School of BusinessResident: $53,028 Nonresident: $76,618Resident: $27,864 Nonresident: $51,454
Warwick Business School£43,950
John M. Olin School of Business$132,355
IE Business School
Scheller College of BusinessResident: $29,508 Nonresident: $40,752
Imperial College Business School£54,500
HKU Business SchoolHK$330,000
Jones Graduate School of Business$109,903 (2 years)
 Mendoza College of Business$58,030
Smeal Business SchoolResidents: $27,442 Nonresidents: $43,800
Durham University Business School£33,000 per year
SMU Singapore Management UniversityS$67,410.000
WHU- Otto Beisheim School of Management$24,300
Rotterdam School of Management
Questrom School of Business$81,143$56,854
HSGInternational: $6,708 Nationals: $3,085
Mannheim Business School€1,500 per semester
Fisher College of BusinessResident: $53,605 Non-Resident: $78,321Resident: $31,139 Non-Resident: $55,855
Kellogg School of Businessest. $107,197 (2-year MBA)$74,871

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