IMD Business School

International Institute of Management Development #

City: Lausanne
Country: Switzerland

About #

IMD builds competition through learning. Located in Switzerland, IMDs strong global approach brings together highly motivated individuals and organizations. IMD specializes in business, and was originally created by business leaders for business students. With their academics guided by the principle ‘real learning, real impact’, students at IMD can expect a challenging environment meant to drive motivation and create change. 

Rankings #

#19 – Financial Time 2021 Global MBA Ranking 

#25 – QS Global MBA Rankings 2021 

MBA Program Overview #

The MBA program at IMD is 1 year in length. It is consistently ranked among the best in Europe and combines learning in the digital, entrepreneurial and global sector. With a diverse and motivated cohort, students attending IMD learn leadership and cooperation skills necessary to operate anywhere in the world.

Year One Description #

Throughout the entire year of the MBA program, IMD students focus on Leadership and Career development. By setting foundations to achieve success at the beginning of the year, students then attend core and elective courses which build their skill sets and prepare them for professional success. 

Unique Aspect: Global Reach #

The Global scope of IMD is what truly makes this university unique. With a campus in both Switzerland and Singapore, students at IMD have a whole host of exciting experiences and networking opportunities to learn from. With a strong alumni network and a personal and motivated cohort, the global dynamic of IMD can set MBAs up for future successes wherever they seek them out. 

Student Life #

The students at IMD can mold their education to best suit their needs. Student led clubs and activities are available for students to come together and share their passions. By joining a Career Cluster, students learn industry specific skills and operate with a hands-on approach to organizing events and social activities. 

Top Professors #

Benoit Leleux

Dr. Leleux is the Tephen Schmidheiny Professor of Entrepreneurship and finance. He led the MBA program as director from 2006 to 2008. He currently co-directs the Foundations for Business Leadership. He has worked previously as a professor at INSEAD and has published numerous books, his most recent being the 2019 book `Winning Sustainability Strategies: finding purpose, driving innovation and executing change.’ Before academia he worked professionally as the head of corporate venturing at an agribusiness conglomerate in S.E. Asia. He received his M.SC in Agricultural Engineering and a M.Ed. in Natural Sciences. His MBA he received from Virginia Tech. 

Frederic Dalsace

Professor Dalsace is professor of marketing and strategy. He joined IMD after working at HEC Paris. Before joining the academic work, professor Dalsace worked a decade in business at such companies as Michelin and McKinsey. His research interests include interorganizational issues as well as the role of firms in alleviating poverty. He has been published in the Harvard Business Review and strategic management journal. He earned his MBA from Harvard Business School and his MSc and PhD in Management from INSEAD. 

Costs #

Tuition: CHF 95,000

Insurance: CHF 2,849 

Room and Board: CHF 20,000

Extra Expenses: CHF 12,612

Application Process #

Applicant Requirements

In order to apply, applicants are required to have: 

  • minimum of 2 years of working experience
  • Knowledge of a second language beside English




Both the GMAT and GRE are accepted.

Foreign Language Requirements

An english language exam must be taken by an individual who is not a native english language speaker or who has not been studying at an english language institution.


Two recommendations are required. Both from a professional background. 




Shortlisted candidates are invited to interview. Interview process includes further assessments, such as producing an elevator pitch, undergoing a team experience, a class observation experience, and networking with members of the MBA team. 

Core Traits to Emphasize:

  • Academic Ability
  • Career Progression
  • Leadership Potential
  • International Outlook


Assessment challenges are an alternative to regular admissions procedures. Located around the world, potential candidates compete in a relevant competition with other interested individuals. Successful candidates receive a scholarship. 

Class of 2021 Profile #

  • Program Length: 1 year
  • Average GMAT: 680
  • Average Age: 27-31 years
  • Women: 34%
  • Countries Represented: 39

Undergraduate Degrees

  • Engineering (30%)
  • Business and Commerce (24%)
  • Finance and Economics (24%)
  • IT & Computer (7%)
  • Law (4%)
  • Natural Sciences (2%)
  • Social Sciences (9%)

Average work experience: 7 years

Employment Reports: Class of 2020 #

  • Median Salary: $120,000
  • Median Signing Bonus: $36,926
  • Percent Receiving Signing Bonus: 47%

Top Industry Destinations

  • Industry 80%
  • Consulting 12%
  • Financial Services 8%

Location Destinations 

  • Europe 78%
  • Eastern Europe 2%
  • Asia 10%
  • Oceania 2%
  • Africa 2%
  • Latin America 4%
  • America 2%

Top Recruiting Companies

  • McKinsey
  • Samsung
  • Amazon
  • Johnson and Johnson


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