HKU Business School

Country: Hong Kong
Year Founded: 2001
Average GMAT: 640

About #

HKU Business School empowers and inspires future business leaders. With other 25,000 alumni from 50 different nationalities, HKU is the premier global business school. Their mission is to the highest quality businesses and economics education so that their students graduate as responsible leaders. By advancing the frontiers of knowledge they create positive change through community partnerships and global research. Uniquely located in Hong Kong, HKU has a strong relationship with China and the international community as a whole. 

Featured Professors #

Professor Zhiwu Chen

Professor Zhiwu Chen is the chair of Finance and the director of the Asia Global Institute as well as the Victor and William Fung Professor in Economics. His research interests include Finance Theory, the Sociology of Finance, Economic History, Quantitative History, Emerging Markets and China’s Economy, and Capital Markets. He has long been researching in publishing, with his findings being published in numerous journals. He earned his B.S. from Central South University of Technology, his M.S. from Changsha Institute of Technology, and his PhD, M.A. and M.Phil from Yale University.  

Ranking #

#21 Financial Time 2021 Global MBA Ranking

MBA Program Overview #

The Full-time MBA program at HKU is 1 year in length, with three different tracks to choose from: London Track, New York Track, and Hong Kong/China Track. The MBA program sets students up for success domestically and internationally giving them real-world experience and a deeper understanding of international business. Specifically designed to focus on the Asia-Pacific and China regions, HKU’s graduates have a unique upper edge upon graduation. Students are given the opportunity to study in the world’s top 4 financial centres, while gaining a nuanced and sensitive understanding for intercultural business and networking.  

Year One Description #

At the beginning of the year, students start off with an orientation program and networking events where they are able to build life long relationships. On the Hong Kong campus, students take case-based courses which are foundational and functional while aquiring a more streamlines expertise through their elective classes. At the end of the program, students can take elective courses offered at either London Business School, Columbia Business School, or Fudan University. 

Fall Semester Mandatory Classes

  • Accounting for Business Decisions
  • Analytics for Managers
  • Business Ethics
  • Capstone Project
  • China and the Global Economy
  • Competitive Strategy
  • Corporate Finance
  • Executive Leadership
  • Managing Digital Innovation
  • Managerial Economics
  • Strategic Marketing Management
  • High-Performing Teams

Unique Aspects #

Regional Perspective

he unique aspect of HKU business school is its unrivaled asian perspective. The design of the program is meant to give students a first-class education with a deeper understanding of business and cultural sensitivities. The Asia-Pacific focus of HKU means students graduate with a distinct advantage when job hunting. Graduating from HKU gives students a leg up when looking for employment in the Asia-Pacific region.  

Student Life #

At HKU students have more than just the classroom setting to learn and expand their knowledge. From leadership talks to career development training and workshops students are exposed to a whole host of activities and opportunities. 

Application Process #

Applicant Requirements

At least 2 years of postgraduate full-time works experience.





Foreign Language Requirements

TOEFL score of 550, IELTS 6.5, no subtest lower than 5.5.

Cost #

Tuition: $330,000

Class Profile #

Year Data has been Pulled of 2020 & 2021

Program Length:1 year

Total Enrollment 106

Average Age: 28 – 29

International Students: 95%

Countries Represented: 15 – 20

Average Work Experience: 5 – 6 years 

Employment Reports (Class of 2019 / 2020) #

Received an Offer 90% 

Top Industry Destinations #

  • 31% Financial Services
  • 17% Advisory Services, Consulting
  • 12% Consumer Goods, Fashion, Retail
  • 14% Technology
  • 4% Manufacturing, Chemical
  • 2% Food and Beverage
  • 4% Environmental Services
  • 2% Logistic, Supply Chain
  • 2% Media
  • 2% Education
  • 2% Conglomerate
  • 4% Others
  • 4% Healthcare and Pharmaceutical

Top Function Destinations #

  • 19% Branding, Business Development, Marketing
  • 20% Finance
  • 14% Consulting, Professional Services
  • 16% Planning, Strategy
  • 8% General Management
  • 2% Operations
  • 7% Analyst
  • 5% Product Development
  • 7% Project Management
  • 2% Others

Location Destinations #

  • 50% Hong Kong
  • 10% Mainland China e.g. Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen
  • 6% Americas (e.g. USA, Canada, Mexico)
  • 4% Europe
  • 30% Other Regions of Asia e.g. India, Indonesia, Japan, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand

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