Alex N.

GMAT Score: 700
School: Fall 2019 Intake

Having gone through self-prep without having Apex’s guidance, the exposure to the different ways of thinking about the problems enhanced my creative problem-solving skills which were beneficial not only for the test but to any other situation that requires this skill.


GMAT Score: 710
School: Berkeley Haas

Before working with Apex, I took a practice test and got a 580, after working with Apex, I got a 710. Having worked with other test prep companies previously, it quickly became apparent that Apex’s method and approach to the test was different and I felt that the Apex method would accelerate my learning of the test.


GMAT Score: 690
School: Fuqua School of Business

After working with Apex I could look at a problem and know exactly what they were testing me on and the steps that I needed to take to get to the desired solution. They were always there to help and offered multiple solution paths in case the first one did not resonate.


GMAT Score: 750
School: Georgetown McDonough

Apex’s approach of looking at different solution paths and understanding the GMAT’s various underlying problem forms helped me to start thinking like a test writer, not a test taker. Even in a short amount of time working together, this mindset is the key difference that I credit with my score improvement.

Alex L.

GMAT Score: 730
School: Fall 2019 Intake

I felt like Apex was in my camp and in my corner, really making sure that I was putting my best foot forward and that I was going to get the best possible score that I could. The support system that was in place was great and the experience was seamless.


GMAT Score: 710
School: London School of Business

The skills I learned at Apex carried over into business school, helping me achieve better scores because of my way of thinking and the tools that I had to tackle problems that they presented us with.


GMAT Score: Current Apex Client
School: n/a

Having worked with other test prep companies unsuccessfully in the past, working with Apex gave me the confidence to attack any type of question on the GMAT by working with me to find the best solution paths that aided my understanding.

Amanda & Kyle

GMAT Score: Amanda: 750, Kyle: 650
School: Georgetown McDonough

Amanda: Working with Apex to improve my GMAT score and for admissions consulting was a wonderful experience.

Kyle: I wouldn’t be in business school if I hadn’t gone through this process, not only from a scoring standpoint but also from a mental preparation standpoint.