Taking the GMAT in London

Table of Contents:

  1. Who administers the GMAT test in London?
  2. What does the test center look like?
  3. Where are the test centers located in London?
  4. Test center holidays
  5. Top MBA programs in London
  6. Tips
  7. Test Day FAQs

About ¾ of the way through your extensive GMAT prep you should begin to start planning your test day, including scheduling the test, preparing your trip to the test center, and even pre-visiting the test center so that you know exactly where it is. This guide is here to offer you all the required information related to taking the GMAT in London. 

Who Administers The GMAT in London: 

Pearson Professional Centers – administers the GMAT and EA exam on behalf of the GMAC. To find out more about the Pearson Professional test centres visit: https://www.pearson.com/uk/.

What Does The Test Center Look Like?

A Pearson Professional Center will include individual testing areas for each test taker with a separation screen between each taker. Here is an example of the testing center at Holborn:

 GMAT exam test center in london

GMAT Test Locations in London?

These are the test centers in London where test-takers had the best experience in:

Pearson Professional Centres-London Holborn (central)

190 High Holborn

By Car:

Directions from Central London (9 minutes):

  • Head north toward Trafalgar Square/A4
  • Exit the roundabout onto Trafalgar Square/A4/A400
  • Continue to follow A4/A400
  • Turn right onto Duncannon St/A4
  • Continue to follow A4
  • Keep left to continue on Kingsway/A4200
  • Turn left onto High Holborn/A40
  • Destination will be on the left
By Public Transit (14 minutes):gmat exam test center and holborn
  • Walk to Victoria Station and get on the underground in the direction to Victoria
  • Travel 1 stop to Green Park
  • Walk 1 minute to Green Park Underground Station and get on the underground in the direction of Piccadilly
  • Travel 4 stops exiting at Holborn
  • Walk 3 minutes west to Pearson Professional Centres-London Holborn (central)

Test-takers’ review:

This centre is ranked 4.5 by Google reviewers. The building has good facilities and the staff are friendly and helpful. There are lockers to store your belongings.

Pearson Professional Centres-UK Docklands 

3 Quebec Wharf
14 Thomas Road
Docklands, London
E14 7AF
Phone: +44 300 200 1122

By Car:GMAT exam center at docklands

Directions from Central London (22 minutes):

  • Take A3212, A302, Westminster Bridge Rd, Borough Rd/A3202 and Long Ln/A2198 to Bermondsey St/A2205
  • Follow Bermondsey St/A2205 to Holyrood St 
By Train (14 minutes):
  • Walk to London Charging Cross
  • Get on the Southeastern in the directo of Dover Priority and travel two stops to London Bridge.
  • Walk for 7 minutes south east to Pearson Professional Centres-UK Docklands

Test-takers’ review:

This centre is rated a 3.8 by Google reviewers – It is a bit challenging to locate due to its understated signage. The employees are helpful but not overly friendly. Everything is explained clearly. There are free bicycle racks and lockers for you to store your belongings securely. 

Alternative Options Outside the City: If you would like to get away from the hustle and bustle of the city for your exam or if test centers within the city do not have any openings, a Pearson Professional Center in Watford is a good option as it is still accessible by train and only between 25-60 minutes away depending on your transportation option. 

Pearson Professional Centres-UK Watford

1st Floor, Cassiobury House
11-19 Station RD
WD17 1AP
Phone: +44 161 855 7499

By Car:

Directions from Central London (55 minutes):

  • Get on M1 in Brent Cross from A4201, Outer Cir, Avenue Road and A41
  • Follow M1 to Stephenson Way/A4008 in Hertfordshire. Take exit 5 from M1
  • Continue on Stephenson Way/A4008. Drive to Station Rd in Watford
By Train (24 minutes):
  • Walk to Kings Cross Station in Euston
  • Catch the west Midlands Train and travel for three stops getting off at the Watford Junction (Train leaves every 2, minutes)
  • Walk 3 minutes East to the Pearson Professional Centres-UK Watford

Test-takers’ review:

This test centre has a 3.3 ranking on Google review – The staff can be helpful and friendly as well as unhelpful and rude. It depends on who you find on the day you test. The temperature in this facility is not well maintained and therefore on some days it can get quite hot in the testing room. 

Test Centre Holidays: 

The most popular times for GMAT preparation and test taking are during the holiday seasons. Be mindful of dates that you will not be able to take the GMAT or EA at any of the test centers mentioned above.

Pearson test centres are closed during the following dates:

  • 1 Jan – New Year’s Day 
  • 2 Apr – Good Friday   
  • 5 Apr – Easter Monday 
  • 3 May – May Day 
  • 31 May – Late May Bank Holiday   
  • 30 Aug – August Bank Holiday
  • 25 Dec – Christmas Day
  • 26 Dec – Boxing Day 
  • 27 Dec – Christmas Holiday
  • 28 Dec – Boxing Day Holiday           
GMAT Test Dates in London

Due to the Coronavirus, all test centers in London are currently closed. If you would like to schedule a test date, you are able to do so 24 hours a day with the online GMAT exam HERE. Here is additional information about the online GMAT exam.

Top MBA Programs In London


  • During the test there will not be complete silence – you will be able to hear noise from other test takers so it is best to prepare for this by studying for the exam in similar scenarios. This can prepare you for any distractions (such as coughing, sneezing, or computer clicking sounds) that might occur while taking your exam.
  • Try to spend some time actually prepping in the lobby of the test center weeks/days in advance of your exam date. Since the place will be familiar to you come test day this can help curb test anxiety should you have any.

Test Day FAQs

Here are the top 5 questions that clients ask us about exam day information:

  • Are you allowed to listen to music while taking the GMAT exam?

You are not allowed to listen to music while taking the GMAT exam and you are not allowed to wear earphones as well.

  • What should I do if I fall sick on the exam day?

If you do not feel well come exam day you will have to make the decision as to whether or not you can take the test and perform at your best. Most people will not be able to do this so it will be best to cancel it. If you do so on the day of the exam you will incur a loss of your full $250 exam fee. If you cancel the exam 7 days in advance you will be charged a penalty of $50. If it is the first time that you will sit the exam and you are up for sitting through a 4 hour test, this may be a good opportunity to experience the test as you have the ability to cancel the score right afterwards if you are unhappy with it. Ultimately, it is best to take the GMAT when you are feeling your best as this will result in your optimum test performance.

  • What can I bring with me to the test center?

You are allowed in the test center with the following:

  • GMAT approved identification
  • Appointment confirmation letter or email you received from Pearson VUE
  • Prescription eyeglasses
  • Light sweater or light non-outerwear jacket
  • Comfort items only if they were pre-approved as an accommodation received in advance

Any additional personal belongings that you bring with you such as your cell phone, bag, snacks, and earphones will need to be stored in one of the provided lockers. You may eat your snack during the breaks. Any cell phone use throughout the test time (including breaks) is prohibited.

The test center will provide you with everything that you need in order to take the test including scratch paper and a pencil.

  • Should I wear a mask during the exam?

At the test centers above they strongly recommend that you wear a face mask or some type of face-covering in the test center and for the duration of your test to protect yourself and others. Test centers do not provide face masks for candidates.

Please note that if you have any flu-like symptoms upon arrival at the test center, you may be requested to reschedule your exam for another time when you are in full health.

  • What can I expect at the test center?

A usual test center is typically quite small. Once you arrive you will have to provide the administrator with the relevant documents and while these are being processed you will be asked to wait in the waiting area. In this area, you can still access all your personal belongings up until you are called into the testing room.

Once in the room, you will be allocated an individual exam station where you will find a computer.


If you are looking for private one-on-one GMAT tutoring in London, Apex is here to help you. We are able to accommodate you both in-person and online, based on your needs and preferences. If you want to talk to an Apex GMAT tutor about your GMAT prep, schedule a complimentary call here.

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