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Preparing For The GMAT With Apex GMAT

Being a member of the military or a veteran, you know that planning is everything. This is in part true for the GMAT as well. Planning how best to prepare for the exam can be challenging if you are juggling a job, family life and the desire to progress in your educational career. Personalized GMAT preparation that is molded around your needs and aimed to help you get the best out of the time you spend preparing for the exam as well as to ultimately reach your desired GMAT score is what we offer to all our clients at Apex GMAT.

Our comprehensive syllabus is delivered by our 770+ scoring instructors who have not just excelled in the GMAT but are gifted educators.

GMAT Related Discounts

The Apex GMAT Military Discount & Scholarship – Apex GMAT offers an exclusive 10% military discount to both active member and veterans who would like to prepare for the GMAT with us. If you are in need of greater support, we have also created the Apex GMAT scholarship which can give you access to more financial assistance depending on application qualifications. The military discount and the Apex GMAT scholarship cannot be used together.

The GI Bill – The cost of your first attempt at the GMAT test can be covered by the GI bill under the DANTES reimbursement system. In order to be successfully reimbursed you must:

    • poses a current “Armed Forces of the United States” identification card.
    • Have not previously taken a DANTES funded GMAT exam.
    • Be applying to or enrolling in a program that required the GMAT exam.
    • Fulfilling a legitimate service requirement.
    • Apply for the reimbursement no later than 90 days after your scheduled test date.

Military MBA – offers GMAT test discount vouchers to qualified applicants after review of a filled out application form. These discounts vary depending on an applicant’s particulars.

For UK Military Members – find more information about GMAT fee waivers on the Ministry of Defense website.

MBA Military Financial Assistance

United States Information

The GI Bill

Tuition Costs – If you have the post 9/11 GI bill, the VA can pay the resident tuition fee at a public school and other eligible costs such as housing costs and a book allowance. If attending a private or foreign school tuition can be covered up to $25,000 per year. Tuition costs are paid directly to the MBA program by the Veterans Association at the beginning of the year

Housing Allowance – The housing allowance is calculated based on the average housing costs of the area where you attend your MBA program and usually ranges from $1800 – $2,700 per month. To be eligible for this full funding you must be taking at least 1 on campus class while the other classes may be taken online. If you are taking 100% online classes, then this stipend will be reduced to just under $900 per month.

Book Stipend – Finally, under the GI Bill, you may be eligible to receive a book stipend which is usually $1000 per year.

Yellow Ribbon Program:

Some schools participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program whereby they have an agreement with the VA to waive a percentage of their program cost. Within this program, schools also decide how many students will be accepted each year, to which degree programs as well as the maximum amount of contribution per student. The VA then pledges to pay an equal amount. Ask your MBA program if their school participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program as this can provide you with additional financial assistance.

United Kingdom Information

Ministry of Defense Waiver:

If you have spent 6 years or longer in any United Kingdom Military branch you are eligible to get all education costs covered by the Military of Defense.

If you do not qualify for this assistance please see the respective United Kingdom MBA programs that offer grants and scholarships to UK military members at all levels.

MBA USA Military Scholarships:

Here are some MBA programs that offer military scholarships:

cornell university military discount
university of lincon military scholarship
university of cambridge military scholarship