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Top tier consulting firms often utilize the McKinsey model in their interview process. This is due to its ability to ensure that the company offers their positions to high achieving candidates. The process consists of four parts which culminate in a decision regarding your fit for a consulting position. Each part is designed to challenge you and provide them with key information regarding your value as a team member.

The interview process tests your problem solving skills, creativity, business acumen and communication skills. With our expert’s advice, you will know exactly what to expect at each stage of the process. Additionally, you will be prepared to overcome the challenges that are thrown your way. Work with our experts to prove that you belong on a top consulting firm team.


Problem Solving Test

The Problem Solving Test is administered to candidates before they move onto the in-person interview phase of the process. The difficulty of the test lies in the amount of work needed to be done within the limited time frame. 26 questions based on 3 cases, within 60 minutes. We work with you to enhance your quantitative and critical reasoning skills. Additionally, learn to decipher each question type to ensure that you walk into the test confident and equipped with the tools required to be successful.



Case Interview

This section includes questions related to a business case. You will be required to conduct calculations related to the case in order to respond to the questions. Thereafter, you will be asked to make an overall recommendation for the business. This will all be done with the interviewer in the room. Working well under pressure and a watchful eye and structuring your answers in an appropriate fashion will set you apart. That is what we strive to help you do in this section of the McKinsey interview prep model.



Personal Experience Interview

This part of the interview usually lasts about ten minutes. It is used to assess your business soft skills. Their aim is to gather important information about you. The topics they are most interested in include: Personal impact, entrepreneurship, problem solving and leadership skills. We work with you to frame your unique responses in an impressive manner. Furthermore, we help you better communicate your past accomplishments and the value you can bring.



Resume & Cover letter

The first part of preparing any application is to perfect your compelling narrative. This creates an accurate representation of who you are and articulates your unique personality and value. Having a resume and cover letter that are consistent with your narrative will be key to highlight the skills that you can add to a McKinsey team. We will advise changes in your resume and cover letter, including structure and language. Additionally, we perform an online profile audit to ensure that these are cohesive and present a consistent public image.




Throughout the entire interview process, clear communication skills must be on display. Being able to articulate your responses in a logical, structured and concise manner will allow for easy understanding. Which will show that you possess the ability to present your thoughts clearly and convincingly to potential clients. Part of our McKinsey interview prep course will focus on training you to think and respond like a consultant. Ultimately, guaranteeing not only a successful interview experience but on the job skills too.



Problem Solving

As a consultant, problem solving is the most crucial part of what you will do. Therefore, your problem solving skills should be on display throughout the interview process. Interviewers will analyze your ability to manage challenges during the process, making it particularly important to present these skills successfully. We equip you with tools that aid quick, precise calculations and decision making by training you to separate relevant information from the irrelevant, to connect facts and establish relevant conclusions.



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