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Apex provides the most comprehensive LSAT preparation syllabus available on the market today. We focus on enhancing your mental flexibility, abstract thinking, and critical and creative problem solving skills. This leads to a stronger LSAT performance, but also serves as a toolkit that you’ll continue to reference throughout law school and beyond. Apex’s program addresses test anxiety, time management, alternative solution techniques, and recognizing signals from the test so that you can leverage the LSAT’s underlying structure to your advantage.

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LSAT Modules

Pathways and Prompting

Every person approaches problems and organizes data differently. Our curriculum focuses on how your personal tendencies define strategies, and roadblocks, unique to you. We iterate towards those solution paths of greatest comfort and efficiency while teaching you to prompt creative thought in a structured manner that will help you solve the most inextricable problems the LSAT has to offer.


Time Management

Time management is the most vital skill necessary for success on the LSAT and it is often overshadowed by the problem solving itself.
Our program utilizes methodologies that teach you how to manage your time effortlessly. This reduces anxiety and cognitive load – shifting your focus to performance, not watching the clock.

Test Signals

This lesson teaches you how to leverage the test’s structure to your advantage. It is part of the core Apex philosophy that test structure influences the best ways to achieve.
Explore how the LSAT can tell you how to best beat it. This skill will not only be helpful during your LSAT preparation, but will change the way you solve problems in other aspects of your life as well.


Self Preparation

Deriving the most growth out of your personal study time is essential to achieve an elite score. We recommend that for each hour spent with your tutor, you should devote at least three hours to self preparation.
Our curriculum is designed to enhance your self learning skills and emphasize your development as a learner. We can’t be with you on the exam, so we make sure that once the time comes, you don’t need us over your shoulder.

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Logical Reasoning

  • Between 24 and 26 multiple-choice questions in each section
  • 35 minutes to complete

The logical reasoning passages cover a variety of topics. You are expected to rapidly analyze them, identifying main points, abstract concepts rapidly, determine assumptions and errors and critique arguments successfully.

Analytical Reasoning

  • Four logic games
  • Four to seven multiple-choice questions per game – about 20 questions in total
  • 35 minutes to complete 

Although this section is informally known as the Logic Games section, the situations presented in each of the 4 games require laser-like focus and a sound analytical mind to process. This section tests your capability to deduce how rules affect conclusions and relationships. You will be required to analyze concepts like object positions, actions and consequences.

Reading Comprehension

  • Four passages
  • About 27 multiple-choice questions
  • 35 minutes to complete this sectio

This is not your typical reading comprehension section and although you are presented with passages to read through and questions related to these passages, your approach will have to be sharpened. Your goal in this section is to read the text actively in order to identify the main points easily. You will need to draw inferences, find information, solidify main ideas, and draw conclusions about the passages. Furthermore you will need to rapidly grasp the point and identify paradoxes and contextual clues.

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How can I improve my LSAT score by 10 points?

Improving your LSAT score by 10 points is a challenging goal, but it is possible with dedicated effort and the right approach. Here are a few tips to help you get there:

  • Start by developing a personalized study plan that targets your specific strengths and weaknesses.
  • Utilize high-quality study materials, such as LSAT prep books, online courses, and practice tests.
  • Regularly take practice tests to track your progress and identify areas of weakness.
  • Consider working with an experienced LSAT tutor who can provide personalized guidance and feedback.

Prioritize your mental and physical health by getting enough sleep, eating well, and exercising regularly, as this can positively impact your test performance.

How many LSAT questions can I miss and get a 160?

The number of LSAT questions you can miss and still achieve a score of 160 varies from one test administration to another since the LSAT is a standardized test with a curved scoring system. The number of questions you can miss and still achieve a 160 score depends on the difficulty level of the particular test you take and how well other test-takers perform on that same test.

However, as a rough estimate, missing around 25 to 30 questions out of 100 is typically associated with a score in the range of 160. It’s important to note that this is just an approximation, and the exact number of questions you can miss and still achieve a 160 score may vary depending on the specific test you take.

What is the hardest LSAT section to improve?

The LSAT consists of four sections: Logical Reasoning, Analytical Reasoning, Reading Comprehension, and the unscored Writing Sample. The section that is hardest to improve will depend on your individual strengths and weaknesses, as well as your familiarity with the test format and content. However, many students find the Logic Games (Analytical Reasoning) section to be the most challenging, as it requires a high level of logical reasoning and problem-solving skills.

At Apex, we offer personalized LSAT test prep services tailored to your specific needs and goals, so that you can overcome any areas of difficulty and achieve your best possible score.

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