Specialized Preparation for The INSEAD Global Executive MBA

Jane Smith
Content Strategist

Apex offers exclusive 1 on 1 tutoring for the INSEAD Assessment. We offer tutoring both in person and online, in order to deliver the strongest results for clients who simply want the best, most efficient preparation available.

  1. Comprehensive private tutoring with expert instructors.
  2. Flexibility to fit your busy schedule and timezone.
  3. Introductory assessment session to understand your personal learning style and your cognitive preferences.

Prepare For Success

Speak to an Apex instructor and find out more about our INSEAD Assessment preparation.

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John Smith
Marketing Manager

Prep For Success with Apex GMAT

Personalized Attention

From our free consult to off-hours access to your tutor, you’ll feel a profound difference because Apex’s program is adaptable specifically to your strengths and learning style.


Our tutors make house and office calls, or if you prefer online learning we can work with you in our Google classroom. No matter what your situation and schedule, Apex has a tutoring solution for you

Efficient Prep

Make the most out of your prep time. Efficient sessions customized to your learning style, techniques to maximize your self-prep, and full out of session support.

Learning Materials

All learning materials are included with enrollment; there’s nothing else to buy. Also included is access to numerous practice tests so you can track your progress.

Promotional Assessment

Apex offers an introductory 2.5 hour, one-on-one session where you will work with an expert tutor who will run you through practice problems and an introduction to the core higher-order skills necessary to succeed on the INSEAD assessment.

Expert Instructors

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