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Apex’s Value Proposition:

Problem Solving Test

We work with you to not only enhance your quantitative and critical reasoning skills but also to decipher each question type to ensure that you walk into the test confident and equipped with the tools required to be successful.

Case Interview

We strive to help you structure your answers in the most appropriate fashion to set yourself apart from the competition and to work well under pressure and a watchful eye.

Personal Experience Interview

We work with you to frame your unique responses in an impressive manner in order to communicate your past accomplishments and the value you can bring.

Resume & Cover Letter

We will advise changes in your resume and cover letter, including structure and language. In addition, we perform an online profile audit to ensure that these are framed in a manner that will lead to a consistent public image.

Communication & Problem Solving

Our prep course will focus on training you to think and respond like a consultant, guaranteeing not only a successful interview experience but on the job skills too. We equip you with tools that aid quick, precise calculations and decision making by training you to separate relevant information from the irrelevant, to connect facts and establish relevant conclusions.

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