The EA (Executive Assessment) is a relatively new exam, meant to specifically test skills related to business leadership and management. Essentially, if we have to sum it up in just a few words, it is a more focused version of the GMAT. The EA and the GMAT are designed by the same company – the GMAC. The EA is designed mainly for EMBA (Executive MBA) applicants and is a shorter, “softer” version of the GMAT. Despite this, taking the EA is a necessary step that can help you take your career to the next level, as getting an EMBA can be a huge boost in your future. 

The EA is a Stepping Stone to the EMBA 

The EMBA is an opportunity for anybody to advance their career opportunities and is designed specifically for those who are trying to move up the ladder. The EA is a short 90-minute test that can be completed during a busy professional’s schedule. The EA is designed for those that don’t have the time to study for hours and hours every day. EMBA students are usually older with more experience and most of them are often around 15 years out of undergraduate school. This means that many candidates are far along in their career path and choose to get an EMBA to help them achieve their career dreams. Thus, taking the EA and subsequently earning an EMBA has the potential to improve your professional and personal life results. 

What Does an EMBA Give You?

The EMBA provides a course curriculum that involves accounting, finance, marketing, and operations, but also focuses on soft skills such as leadership. The EMBA also helps many to see their job from an outside perspective, allowing them to make more calculated and well-reasoned decisions. Another thing the EMBA does is give many an edge in today’s increasingly competitive job market that attracts applicants from across the globe. 

The EMBA, according to the EMBAC (Executive MBA Council), gives students on average a 14.9% salary increase. Moreover, about 39% receive promotions after getting their degree. The EMBA can be very expensive and doesn’t necessarily guarantee success, but according to the GMAC, 94% of EMBA alumni say they would pursue an EMBA again. It is sometimes possible to have employers pay for an EMBA program as well. 

The EA is Accepted for the MBA

Let’s say you may not be interested in becoming an executive – the EA can still help you in furthering your career goals through getting an MBA. The EA is nowadays being accepted more and more often for MBA programs. Part-time, online, Business master’s programs, and even full MBA programs accept the EA. Also, there are great opportunities that come with a good EA score. An MBA gives you ample networking opportunities and top-notch education to really help you in a professional setting, especially with management skills. On top of this, many MBA graduates are among the best paid in any industry. Most companies put a lot of value into an MBA and receiving one can give you a lot of international exposure and even help you move and get a job in a different country. Overall, an MBA is a great way to help bolster your reputation and your resume. 

Top Global Business School Programs Accepting the Executive Assessment

1. American University of Dubai (EMBA Program)
2. University of California Berkeley Haas School of Business (EMBA and Part Time MBA)
3. The University of Chicago Booth School of Business (EMBA and Part-Time MBA)
4. Georgetown University McDonough School of Business (MBA and EMBA)
5. Imperial College Business School (EMBA and Online MBA)
6. Nanyang Business School (Professional MBA)
7. Singapore Management University (EMBA)
8. Stanford Graduate School of Business (MSx)
9. University of Cambridge Cambridge Judge Business School (EMBA)
10. Yale School of Management (EMBA) 

Final Thoughts

The EA is the optimal exam for any professional having trouble balancing the prep time for the GMAT. The EA will gain you admission into an EMBA program which is difficult but extremely rewarding. What the EA can also do, is help you get into other business programs like MBAs. But nevertheless, the EA is a difficult exam and here at Apex GMAT we can help you with world-class tutoring services. The opportunities the EA provides are great, as the exam will give you access to amazing programs without the hassle of the GMAT and will help you towards a brighter career future.


Contributor: Lukas Duncan