David came to us during one of his winter breaks. After routinely scoring around a 690 on the GMAT, he was looking for ways to break the 700+ barrier. Read his story on how he earned a 730 GMAT score below, or watch him tell his story in his own words. 

David spent a total of three weeks working with us over his holiday break. He had been attempting to break the 700+ barrier, though was consistently scoring a 690 on his practice exams and on the real exam. Initially, he believed that he could improve his score just by practicing more and more GMAT problems. However, come test day, David was not able to score as well as he had hoped. When he realized he was plateauing he reached out to us. We here at Apex specialize in helping top scorers achieve their potential. We were able to work with David and coach him to score above his goal. After working with Apex, David attended Georgetown McDonough School of Business. 

So how did he achieve a 750 GMAT score?

Prior to applying to business schools, David dedicated himself to giving a go at a 700+ score one last shot. Meeting with Apex’s tutors, David was given an initial, and honest assessment of what he could achieve in a simple three week timeline. We work with our clients, not only for our clients, to lead them down a path of success which best suits their needs. 

Our unique approach shows test takers how to think like a test maker, not like a test taker. This strategy has proven successful countless of times for future MBAers like David. We work with our client’s strengths as well while boosting their weaknesses. David appreciated our approach to solving the GMAT utilizing numerous strategies. By learning multiple solution paths, we show clients that no matter the problem you are present with, you’ll know a strategy that suits you best. 

Time efficiency was also vital to David’s approach

By focusing on only a few key problems during studying, and learning multiple solutions paths to arrive at the correct answer, David was able to cut down on unnecessary time spent reviewing superfluous questions. This approach also increased his confidence during the test-taking process itself as he spent little time attempting different problem solving techniques to similar problems. 

As David himself said: ‘…it’s not about seeing hundreds and hundred of problems, it’s about looking at certain problems in a different type of way’ this allows you ‘to have a better attack plan, no matter what the problem is you’re trying to solve.’  

The GMAT, according to David, is a test which can be taught and – more importantly – can be dominated. By learning from the GMAT expert tutors here at Apex, David was given a leg up during his GMAT studying process and earn a 750 GMAT score. We helped David conquer the GMAT, and we are looking forward to working with you to help you achieve your goals. If you are interested in scheduling a 30-minute complimentary consultation call with one of our expert instructors, please visit our website.


Contributor: Dana Coggio