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Apex offers private, 1-on-1 GRE tutoring customized to suit your cognitive style. All the value that’s in our curriculum is delivered to you by one of our instructors, all of whom have scored 339 or a perfect 340 on the GRE. Our packages are flexible, and you can choose what level of tutoring you prefer. Use tutoring to get an edge with higher order strategies to maximize your score, to augment your self-prep program, to combat test anxiety with our proven methods, or to have the luxury experience of preparing for the entire exam with your own personalized study schedule and GRE mentors.

Our GRE Curriculum

Apex maintains a robust GRE syllabus that reflects the challenges embedded in the exam. In addition to the fundamentals, Apex takes care to address test anxiety, time management, alternative solution paths, and test reading to utilize the underlying test structure to your advantage.

Our core philosophy is that, as teachers, we’re directly responsible for your learning. Our personal involvement throughout your prep is the manifestation of that belief.

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Time Management

On the GRE, time is the finite resource. Time management is absolutely essential if you’re to score above 330 on the GRE, yet most programs don’t address it at all. That ends with Apex. Apex teaches a unique methodology that helps you manage time passively. This permits you to focus on the other aspects of the exam, taking the pressure off, alleviating anxiety, and allowing you to focus on the problems in front of you.


Self Preparation

Apex teaches a unique methodology that helps you manage time passively. This permits you to focus on the other aspects of the exam, taking the pressure off, alleviating anxiety, and allowing you to focus on the problems in front of you. Unfortunately, traditional study skills won’t get you very far with the GRE. Our curriculum emphasizes your development as a student and a professional by nurturing self-teaching skills that you won’t learn in anyone else’s curriculum.


Verbal Reasoning

The Verbal Reasoning section of the GRE is made up of several different question types: Text Completion, Sentence Equivalence and Reading Comprehension. These require you to be comfortable with challenging vocabulary words that you have not likely come across before. In this lesson we’ll teach you how to use deduction to demystify vocabulary problems, and utilize scope to clarify reading comprehension.

Test Signals

Apex’s core philosophy is explored in this lesson. Here we examine why so many high achievers wrestle with standardized exams. Learn how to leverage the GRE structure to your advantage, and to answer many problems using logic rather than solving the problem itself. This core skill will change the way you view the GRE, and possibly your entire outlook on problem solving, professionally and otherwise.

Pathways and Prompting

Your approach to problem solving has a lot to do with your own unique cognitive proclivities. Some people prefer graphical approaches, others like formal equations, while others just “see” the right answer. This lesson is all about learning which type of thinker you are, and developing a customized approach to your GRE preparation. We examine multiple solution paths and advise you how to stay focused and alert while solving problems at shocking speeds by leveraging your innate cognitive skills.



This section makes many people nervous, not because it is one of the least structured on the GRE, but as the first section, it sets the tone for the entire exam. Learn what the exam rewards and how to express yourself clearly, whether or not English is your first language.

Quant Fundamentals

Understanding not just the rules of arithmetic and algebra, but how to effectively apply them is vital to any strong performance on the quantitative section. You can’t paint a masterpiece without colors and a canvas; these are the fundamentals. But, you also need an artist – one who is familiar with the tools and how to use them to create a masterpiece.

Advanced Quant

The GRE is all about creative problem solving, and there are often several ways to handle a seemingly straightforward problem. In this lesson, we delve into alternative solution paths: inductive and deductive reasoning, running scenarios, and creating mental models. We then help you ascertain which comport best with your cognitive style, to deliver both the tools and structure you need to succeed on the GRE.


The core competency for the quantitative section of the GRE, Algebra is involved in well over 50% of all problems. Unfortunately, most quantitatively strong individuals have bad habits when it comes to application, often setting up problems the same way they were taught in primary school.  Apex’s Algebra lesson lifts the veil and will change the way you see Algebra. This lesson shows you how to approach problems proactively, and avoid common missteps that the GRE intentionally exploits.


Geometry is often an afterthought throughout most people’s schooling. Geometry problems are of vital importance in developing a strong Quantitative score. Apex teaches not only the core principles for solving geometry problems, but uses this lesson to develop a graphical understanding of a diverse set of GRE problems that can be solved using non-traditional methods.

Reading Comp

Do you really know how to read? “Of course” you say, until reading comprehension comes along and calls all that into question. The truth is, we read the same way we listen – passively, picking up relevant details but rarely engaging the material. It’s this natural (and often productive) tendency that the GRE exploits.

Apex’s Reading Comprehension will train you to engage the pro-actively with the material and read in a non-passive way. Instead of scanning the passage and spending time deconstructing the questions, we’ll train you how to fully absorb the passage and then fly through the rest.

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