GMAT Confidence

GMAT Confidence

I’m Mike Diamond Head of instruction. I’m Jaymes Kine one of the lead instructors here. And we’re here to talk to you about some of the questions that we’ve gotten on our fancy social media platforms. Yeah, so first of all thank you guys. We asked for you guys to give us some questions you have asked the questions and I guess kind of talked ourselves into a corner because now we have to answer them. Do you have the answers? I have the answer guide! You know, that’s pretty much, just so you know, that’s always the GMAT instructors trick, is we have the answer guide that’s the only difference. It’s actually totally not the trick, the trick, this is actually a great place to start. Okay!

Prep Materials

What materials to use. But I want to talk especially about the quality materials out there. There’s a wide variety of materials out there. There are a lot of materials, you’ve got a wide variety of quality I think is what you’re saying. Wide variety of quality but even the good materials in terms of the problems often do a great disservice to our clients by saying this is how you do it. Right, you look in the back and you see this especially, it’s more apparent with the quantitative. Yeah. Here’s all the algebra you need to do, right, and so many times it’s not about the answer it’s about thinking about other solution paths and getting around the answer. Yeah, and this is actually something that happens a lot I think, it’s mainly one of the major pitfalls for self-prep.

Is when you’re studying on your own we read through the official guide or whatever books you may have. By the way we recommend always getting the official guide, other books to supplement are great, but at least the official guide. We have our own materials that we would we would recommend obviously, but let’s go to the official guide on the answers there. When people are self-prepping they will go through the official guide then they’ll be reading the official answers which as Mike just said, they start with here’s the algebra problem and work you all the way through every algebraic step.

GMAT Confidence

I don’t know if you guys can tell we haven’t rehearsed and this is actually a GMAT moment. Yeah, we maybe should have rehearsed, you know failing to plan is planning to fail I think is what we say. Yes and no though, but we have all the answers. We don’t need to go over the answers in advance we don’t need a script because we live and breathe the GMAT this is all we do. And in that way this is a strong parallel for the GMAT. When you’re sitting the exam you don’t need to know the answers in advance ABCD whatever. If you have the tools and the knowledge, the experience, the expertise, then the answers are going to flow. And all that I think adds up to GMAT confidence to know you can go into that test and you can take it right.

Now we may be over confident here but it’s something we’re working on right. But being confident when you get to the test is definitely key. And it’s often a characteristic of really high achieving test takers, to be sure our instructors none of them went to the test saying, ” Oh, I’m nervous I’m not going to do well,” and when we take follow-up tests from time to time that’s that’s not a question. And that’s characteristic of just about everyone I’ve met, clients, instructors, whatever that have scored above that 720/730 mark. Yeah, I think irrational confidence is probably my best my best characteristic as a test taker really. That’s your best characteristic overall! Oh, thanks man!

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