Whether it has been a couple months or a couple days into your GMAT prep, finding innovative ways to incorporate GMAT prep into your daily routine can be vital to achieving the best score possible. Whether it is during your morning commute, or while getting ready for bed, here are 5 tips which can enhance your GMAT score in under 20 minutes

1. Read, LISTEN, repeat 

Some of the most handy ways to integrate GMAT learning into your everyday schedule is to use your eyes and ears. Pick-up a Newspaper, or start listening to a political podcast. These types of mediums are full of new vocabulary that you may encounter on the GMAT verbal section. If possible, we suggest writing down your new words in a separate notebook, including definition and usage. Keep this list on you, and review and refresh your memory when you get the chance. This type of exercise is great for quick learning, as you can expand your vocabulary while commuting into work or while going on a daily run. 

2. Practice Reviewing

So let’s assume you have listened to a podcast, or read an article. The next best thing, besides writing down any new vocabulary, is to practice rewriting what you have just heard (or read) in your own words. We suggest spending 10 minutes writing a summary of what you just heard or read. Then, review your work and make corrections where necessary. Try to put your newly learned vocabulary into practice during this exercise as well! This little trick is something you can do in under 20 minutes, and will help you put into practice your newly learned vocabulary while strengthening the part of your brain that deals with writing and sentence structure. 

3. Flashcards (for quant!?)

Yes, flashcards may seem cliché when it comes to studying for tests, but they work! In addition to using flashcards to memorize vocabulary, you can also use flashcards to memorize necessary math formulas. Write down tricky math formulas which you may find useful for the exam. While riding the train to work, or while brushing your teeth, flip through the flashcards! 

4. Get a Study Buddy 

Find someone who is also taking the GMAT exam and find time to study with them! Just meeting up for 20 minutes can help you get more comfortable with the exam and ask questions about their GMAT prep. Even if you are not actively studying! Grabbing coffee and complaining about the rigors of studying with a fellow GMAT test-taker. This can be a huge anxiety release (for both of you!). By sharing your studying experiences, you may even pick-up some new tricks yourself. 

5. Focus on Your Mental Health

Take those 20-minute breaks (whether alone or with a buddy). Meditate, breathe, take a walk. These simple breaks can help you succeed in the long run. Being anxious about the upcoming exam is normal. But filling up with stress won’t help you much on the day of the exam. This is why finding opportunities to study that don’t feel like studying can be helpful for your mental health. Listening to podcasts and reading a magazine article can be soothing. If you enjoy doing math, then simply jotting down some practice problems while waiting at a restaurant or before going to bed can all be things which help alleviate your stress while strengthening your GMAT knowledge. 


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