Executive Assessment Class

Executive Assessment Class

The executive assessment test is catered to busy professionals who juggle work and home schedules with the additional desire to further their educational achievements with an executive MBA degree. The test measures your complex judgement, critical thinking and problem solving skills. The EA serves as an alternative to the GMAT and is specific to EMBA programs. Apex provides the most comprehensive Executive Assessment prep on the market today.

EA Test Highlights

3 Sections
90 Mins

Total Score 100-200

Multi Stage Adaptive

Prep for the EA efficiently and comprehensively in just 2 days with the Apex online EA seminar.

When: Every 2 weeks

Price: $1500


  • 10 hours of instruction
  • 2 hours 1 on 1 guidance
  • All learning materials
  • EA practice question sets
  • Official EA tests

What To Expect Compared To The GMAT

Verbal Section

14 Questions

30 Minutes

Score Range: 0 – 20

Besides the removal of the AWA/Writing, the verbal section remains relatively unchanged as the EA offers the same question types as the GMAT: Reading Comprehension, Critical Reasoning and Sentence Correction.

The truth is we read the same way that we listen, passively. A tendency which the EA often exploits. Our verbal lessons will train you to engage the material and read pro-actively to ensure that you breeze through this section.

Quantitative Section

14 Questions

30 Minutes

Score Range: 0 – 20

The quantitative section of the test provides the same question types as the GMAT, but covers fewer sections.

To be successful in this section we’ll help you learn a variety of alternative problem solving methods: running scenarios, logical deduction, and mental modeling to name a few. We then help you figure out which work best with your cognitive style, and give you both the tools and structure to succeed on the test.

Integrated Reasoning Section

12 Questions

30 Minutes

Score Range: 0 – 20

IR plays a more significant role in the EA as it is weighted at the same level as the verbal and quantitative sections of the test.

This complex, demanding, and multi-dimensional section; is designed to test one’s ability to thrive in a data driven world. We will offer lessons that enable you to recognize key homomorphisms (structural similarities) between this and the traditional sections while enhancing your overall performance.

Comprehensive Executive Assessment Prep With APEX

Prepping for the executive assessment is meant be less time consuming than for the GMAT. Despite this, the skills required to perform exceptionally well on the test are similar. Apex provides the most comprehensive EA prep on the market. Our core philosophy is that, as teachers, we’re directly responsible for your learning. Our personal involvement throughout your prep is the manifestation of that belief.

Efficient Prep

Make the most out of your prep time. Efficient sessions customized to your learning style, techniques to maximize your self-prep, and full out session support. Our program will have you seeing the EA in a way you never thought possible.

Comprehensive Syllabus

Our course content is unmatched in scope. We cover the full range of EA problems, but also tackle the intangibles like stamina training, allaying test anxiety, and even things like sleep hygiene and test day diet. Don’t think they have an impact? Think Again.

The Very Best Instructors

All of our instructors are at the pinnacle of the GMAT industry. They have all scored over 770 – the top half of the 1% and have experience teaching both the GMAT and EA successfully. More importantly, each is a professionally trained, highly gifted instructor, not a B-School student trying to make ends meat. A teacher’s quality does not come from performance, but from how well they can help deliver their expertise to others.


Our tutors make house and office calls, or if you prefer online learning we can work with you in our Google classroom. No matter what your situation and schedule, Apex has a EA tutoring solution for you .

Personalized Attention

From our free consult and pre-program assessment to off-hours access to your instructor, you’ll feel profound difference because Apex’s program is adaptable specifically to your strengths and learning style. You’ll be comfortable and relaxed as you learn the ins and outs of the EA.

Learning Materials

All learning materials are included with enrollment; there’s nothing else to buy. Also included: proprietary curriculum, online classroom, problem sets.

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