COVID-19 & Online GMAT Exam Updates

COVID-19 & The Online GMAT Updates

Online GMAT Exam Information

  • Available Appointments: April 20 – June 15, 2020
  • You can use a PC or MAC
  • Eligible Software: Windows 8.1 or 10 / Mac OS 10.13 and above
  • You cannot connect over VPN
  • Countries without access to the online version of the test include: China, North Korea, Sudan, Iran, Cuba and Slovenia
  • You must use a webcam that works at at least 10 frames per second
  • Cost: $200

For more specific information about the test please watch the video above and part two at this link: PART 2 – Online GMAT Exam Test Information

Test Scheduling

We have already had reports from existing clients about test centers closing or postponing scheduled exams. As this will create a backlog of demand, we expect that the limited capacity of testing centers will mean a dearth of availability in the coming months as people take their exams at later dates. Therefore, we strongly suggest that you book your GMAT test date, even if you might need to change it. This way you will have a spot reserved within the system and precedence when rescheduling takes place.

Online GMAT Testing

The GMAC is actively working to launch an interim online proctored alternative to the GMAT exam to be used during the extraordinary circumstances caused by the COVID-19 epidemic. This is targeted to be available in mid-April. With the exception of not having the AWA section, the test will have the same structure, number of items, time and scoring to the one delivered in test centers.

Acceleration of Demand

Many of our clients like to schedule the starting dates for their GMAT preparation engagements in advance. With so many people finding themselves working from home or with extra time, many of our clients who were planning to begin in the Spring and Summer are moving up their timelines. Similarly, we are receiving larger than normal interest for GMAT preparation from new clients. While we are strongly committed to not taking on more clients than our capacity, please be aware that instructors’ availability might be more limited during high demand hours (Saturday mornings, for example) in the coming months. We recommend scheduling sessions with your instructors in advance to be sure to secure the most optimal time(s) for you.

Continuity of Service

Apex is a decentralized organization, and we are prepared to provide continuity of service. Should one of our instructors become ill with COVID-19, we have a strong team to pick up the slack. Should your instructor be unable to continue your preparation due to illness, your Senior Instructor will connect with you immediately.

Application Deadlines

We have not heard of any plans to extend or change deadlines for the admissions cycle beginning this autumn yet. Should we hear reports of delays or extensions for admissions or program start dates, we will report them on this page.

Most importantly, from the entire Apex family, we hope you stay safe,calm, and healthy during the coming months. Take care of yourselves, and take care of others.