Mike Diamond

Co-Founder & Director of Curriculum Development
ieGAT & INSEAD Assessment Instructor

Mike Diamond is Apex’s Head of Instruction and Director of Curriculum Development. Mike comes to the GMAT from the diverse locales of the campaign trail, Wall Street, and the classroom. At Apex, he develops instruction that is designed to be customized to the cognitive profiles of each of our clients, while recognizing and addressing the psychological and emotional components of the GMAT as well. Mike has a strong grounding in advanced mathematical modeling specializing in non-linear mathematics, stochastic calculus and statistical analysis. With over 20 years’ experience in test preparation, Mike has personally mentored hundreds of clients to 700+ GMAT scores.

James Armstrong

Apex GMAT Senior Instructor

James loves teaching. He derives great satisfaction from helping students overcome the academic and emotional hurdles that stand between them and their goals. To that end he draws upon his years teaching mathematics at Harvard University’s Extension School, his experience as a writing coach and English tutor in Europe, and his personal involvement advising numerous students along their paths.

Elijah Mize

Apex GMAT & GRE Instructor

For Elijah, challenging tests like the GMAT are a guilty pleasure-turned-profession. When acing the tests just wasn’t enough anymore, he started helping university applicants achieve their own scholarship-winning scores on the SAT and ACT. When Elijah found a test that adapts to push you to your limits (the GMAT), he fell in love. In his work as a GMAT tutor, Elijah employs two key test-taking skills: perceptiveness and adaptability. He is able to quickly learn clients and tailor his instruction to suit any personality and learning style. When he isn’t working for Apex, Elijah stays busy studying Japanese and playing chess online.

Christopher Wilson

Apex GMAT & Executive Assessment Instructor

Christopher joins the Apex Team with over 10 years of experience in education and project management. His clients have ranged from Fortune 50 corporations to undergraduate students. With vast experience in the test preparation industry, Christopher has a deep understanding of the GMAT and prides himself on delivering custom experiences and successful outcomes for his clients. Over the years, Christopher has found that he prefers to specialize instruction for those to whom it has the highest impact and is keen to guide our clients to GMAT successes.

Jaymes Kine

Apex GMAT Instructor

Jaymes Kine is Apex’s international man of mystery. In his 10 years of teaching, he has taught a variety of subjects in locations all around the globe, from marine science in Alaska, to English and math in Spain, to test prep in Israel. At Apex, Jaymes indulges his passion for helping students reach that “ah ha” moment, and his diverse teaching experience helps him connect to people of all skill levels from all backgrounds. He believes that a personal connection between student and teacher is imperative to successful preparation, and strives to make that connection with each of his students, whether in private lessons or a seminar setting.

Iva Todorova

Lead Admissions Consultant & Apex Economics Instructor

Iva comes to Apex with a strong background in the banking industry, focusing on credit risk and investment banking. With previous experience putting together teams from the hiring to project completion phase she has vast experience when it comes to helping clients frame the best possible narrative for the role that they desire. Iva is a passionate mentor and coach, committed to developing the next generation of leaders. She focuses on advising students with career planning and development, personal branding, interview preparation, resume & cover letter assistance and LinkedIn profile framing. Before working with us Iva spent over 5 years working for Morgan Stanley where she established and trained a team responsible for a combined portfolio of $38 Billion, and directly oversaw the production of over 250 credit reviews per annum.

Alexis Cohen, PhD

Performance & Test Anxiety Coach

Dr. Alexis Cohen is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist with more than two decades of clinical experience, providing individual psychotherapies and psychological testing. She attended Pennsylvania State University, where she obtained two Bachelor of Arts Degrees in Psychology and Spanish, procured a Master of Arts in Clinical Psychology from Columbia University, and a second Master’s Degree and Doctorate from Adelphi University. Alexis has been an adjunct faculty member at Rutgers University, Adelphi University, and the City University of New York, and also spent eight years as a member of the Psychology Directors of New York State (PSYDNYS).

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Fatma Xhafa

Director of Operations

Fatma has completed degrees in Computer Science and Business Administration. Her experience includes working in several customer service roles. She brings with her leadership skills, leading teams of 10 and 40 people. She joined the Apex team as an intern in March 2020 where she was responsible for multiple marketing and IT related duties. After that, she joined the engagement team as Engagement Manager. As Director of Operations at Apex, she oversees day to day operations across different departments.

Sarin Sulahian

Engagement Associate

Sarin Sulahian joins the Apex team as an Engagement Associate. She began as a marketing intern in September 2021 and has transitioned into her current role. She is currently pursuing a degree in Business at the American University of Armenia. She has experience in marketing research and influencer marketing. She is an alumni at The European Youth Parliament where she has participated in various sessions debating EU policies. In her current role, she takes care of customer relationship management, as well as handles communication between staff and clients.

Cynthia Addoumieh

Marketing Associate

Cynthia began her marketing career as an intern at Apex GMAT in December 2021 and has transitioned into her current role as a Marketing Associate. She is a recent graduate of Journalism and Mass Communications. Cynthia is responsible for SEO and paid advertising here at Apex GMAT. In her free time, Cynthia enjoys hiking and spending time with friends and family.

How do I become a GMAT tutor?

Becoming a GMAT tutor typically requires a high level of expertise and experience in the test prep and admissions consulting field. To become a GMAT tutor, you may need to:

  • Achieve a high score on the GMAT exam to demonstrate your knowledge and proficiency.
  • Develop a deep understanding of the exam content and structure, as well as effective test-taking strategies and study techniques.
  • Gain experience working with students of various skill levels and backgrounds, and hone your teaching skills and communication abilities.
  • Stay up-to-date on the latest developments in the GMAT test and admissions landscape.

At Apex, our GMAT tutors have years of experience and expertise in the field and have achieved 770+ on the exam.

What is a GMAT instructor?

A GMAT instructor is a professional who is trained and qualified to teach students the content, structure, and strategies necessary to achieve a high score on the GMAT exam. A GMAT tutor typically has extensive experience and expertise in the test prep and admissions consulting field and has achieved a high score on the GMAT exam.

Instructors may work with students one-on-one or in group settings, and may utilize a range of teaching methods and resources to help students achieve their goals. 

Do I need a qualification to be a GMAT tutor?

While there are no specific qualifications required to become a GMAT tutor, it is important to have a deep understanding of the exam content and structure, as well as effective teaching and communication skills. Many successful GMAT tutors have achieved high scores on the exam themselves, and have extensive experience working with students of various backgrounds and skill levels. 

At Apex, we prioritize experience, expertise, and a strong track record of success when selecting our GMAT tutors, to ensure that our students receive the highest-quality test prep services. 

.Join our alumni with your own 700+ GMAT, 155+ EA or 330+ GRE score. Begin preparing the right way today.

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