Customized Learning

Apex offers a full range of private, 1-on-1 personal instruction. All the value that's in our course is delivered to you by one of our Top 1% instructors to suit your personal cognitive style.

Our packages are flexible, and you can choose what level of tutoring you require. Use tutoring to augment your coursework, combat test anxiety with our proven methods, or have the luxury experience of preparing the full scope of the course with your own personalized study schedule and GMAT mentor.

Typically, 10 hours is suitable to refine Quantitative or Verbal performance, 20 hours for a full subject treatment, and 40 hours will permit you to experience the full course.

Tutoring can take place in your home, at your business, or in one of our learning centers.

Online Tutoring

Our online offering is just like having a tutor sitting across the table from you. Whether you travel for business, live in a remote location, or simply prefer to learn online, our state of the art online classroom will provide you the same great experience and top-notch instruction that live tutoring offers.

Enroll today to begin your journey to the MBA program of your dreams!

Top 1% Instructors

Not only are all our instructors at the 770+ level, they are all professionally trained teachers. Simply obtaining a high score means nothing. Communicating the material effectively is the mark of a strong instructor.

150% Money Back Guarantee

We've had this for years. Not a single student has failed to improve their score. We could be giving away Ferrari's and it wouldn't matter; you're going to improve.

Admissions Expertise

A strong application is much different than a good resume. Discussing life goals, framing a narrative, and making the schools want you; our admissions experts will guide you through the minds of the Admission's Board.