Apex Defines Global Success

Apex is proud to represent the pinnacle in Global GMAT Preparation and Admissions Mentoring.

We specialize in working with International students to get the scores they need to be competitive on the global level and to navigate the complexities of the Admissions Process.

With an industry-leading syllabus Apex offers the most comprehensive GMAT Preparation on the market today. We focus solely on 1-on-1 private tutoring, either online or in-person, to deliver the strongest results for clients who simply want the best, most efficient, preparation available today.

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Top 1% Instructors

Not only are all our instructors at the 770+ level, they are all professionally trained teachers. Simply obtaining a high score means nothing. Communicating the material effectively is the mark of a strong instructor.

150% Money Back Guarantee

We've had this for years. Not a single student has failed to improve their score. We could be giving away Ferrari's and it wouldn't matter; you're going to improve.

Admissions Expertise

A strong application is much different than a good resume. Discussing life goals, framing a narrative, and making the schools want you; our admissions experts will guide you through the minds of the Admission's Board.

'180 point improvement on the GMAT. Got into Harvard and Booth. Not much more to say.' -B.P. Philadelphia, PA

'I never knew there were 3 or 4 ways to solve each problem... they don't teach you that in school. Apex encouraged me to be creative and pro-active and my score skyrocketed as a result.' -J.L. Sydney, Australia

'Jon helped me through the subtleties of the admissions process. I'm a professional in financial communications and I had no idea how much I was missing until I worked with Apex!' -M.N. Utrecht, Netherlands

'I had taken other courses, but hit a performance wall. Apex showed me how to look at the GMAT the way a top-scorer does, and also addressed my test anxiety. I'm happy with my 730 :)' -D.K. Seoul, South Korea